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Battery Replacement

Keep your Car Running with an Active Battery

What We Provide

Battery Replacement

We have a team of staff for changing of batteries and jumpstart of vehicle for various make & model. One year warranty will be given for changing of a new battery with effect from the day changed.

What We’re Offering to Our Clients

Battery Replacement includes

  • Visual and physical inspection for loose connections, dirt and corrosion
  • Disconnecting and cleaning cable ends and battery terminals
  • Applying a protective coating to keep out moisture and delay corrosion
  • Replacement of worn or damaged cable ends
  • Tightening cables to battery for optimum connection
  • Testing to measure performance in harsh weather conditions

If your car battery has adequate capacity but still is losing its charge, further testing is required. This type of test includes determining the electrical draw of the starter and the output of the alternator. They may just be the cause of the problem

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