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Electrical Service

Your car’s electrical system consists of the battery, starter, and alternator. The battery provides voltage to the starter to start the engine, and then the alternator takes over to power all of the car’s electrical functions. Signs of electrical system troubles include difficulty starting, vehicle shutdown, dashboard warning lights, and low fluid levels in the battery.

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Electrical Service Includes

Some dash board signs of electrical system troubles include:

  • Trouble starting, or won’t start.
  • Vehicle shut down.
  • Dashboard warning light: Battery light or Check engine light.
  • Low fluid level – most batteries have a transparent casing that lets you see the fluid level.

At Superdoll, we can do a complete electrical system check to look for and diagnose any issues in the battery, starter, or alternator.

To keep our vehicle’s electrical system working properly, we recommend maintenance once in a year. This includes checking connections, belt tension, and cleanliness of the battery, alternator, and starter. This can help to keep the system in good working condition as well as spot any potential problems. Finding and fixing problems early can prevent more extensive and costly repairs.

Stop in today for an electrical system check! Our Certified Technicians are equipped to fix any issues your vehicle may have.

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