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Flushing Service

Remove all Sludge, Clogging and clear all systems from unwanted material.

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Flushing Service

Fluid flush is a maintenance process that involves removing all of the oil in a system and running new oil (sometimes with cleaning solutions or chemicals) through it using a specialized machine to eliminate grime, sludge, dirt, and fine particles before refilling it with fresh, clean oil. This process is designed to remove debris and sludge and replace 100% of the used oil with new oil.

There are differing opinions about flushing your vehicle using professional equipment. Some argue that it may damage the vehicle by causing flushed-out gunk and residue to become lodged in problematic areas, potentially leading to future failures. Concerns also exist about the potential bending or weakening of valves and seals due to the pressure used by some machines to force cleaning solutions and fluid through the lines.

On the other hand, many consider it a legitimate maintenance procedure for vehicles, believing that a flush can help remove residue and materials from the engine, thereby improving its performance and lifespan. When considering a flush, it’s advisable to consult your owner’s manual first and then SUPERDOLL

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