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Oil and Filter Service

Lubricants and Fluids aid the engine and other mechanical moving parts to function optimally.

What We Provide

Oil & Filter Service

Lubricating oil in the engine provides the vital service, but over a period of time that oil breaks down its viscosity and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt and debris from your engine as well as the environment. Correct oil levels lubricate the moving parts of an engine and assists to maintain the health of your vehicle. The correct and fresh oil helps to increase engine life, aid fuel efficiency and helps you get maximum power and performance and efficiency from your vehicle. Oil is the blood of an engine and reduces metal to metal friction to minimize the risk of damage which could be caused by the heat produced by the internal moving components.


Our qualified and certified technicians will be on hand to give you advice and help you identify the most suitable oil for your vehicle as per manufactures recommendations to restore its original performance and condition.

What We’re Offering to Our Clients

Oil & Filter service includes

Today’s full synthetic and synthetic-mineral blends are excellent for tough conditions such as stop-and-go driving, frequent trips, and towing. And for engine fills and top-ups, they are considered equivalent or superior to conventional oil. In fact, many newer car and truck models specify synthetic oil. Consult your owner’s manual for oil specifications and a maintenance schedule. Or, speak to our Precision Tune experts Service technician about the best oil and grade for your car.

It’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations, however most vehicles need to change your vehicle oil every three months or 5,000 Kms for mineral base oil and 10,000 kms or 6 months for Synthetic base oils

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