Superdoll Manufacturing

Periodic Maintenance

Make changes after every 3000 Km, 5000 Km or 10,000 Km

What We Provide

Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

is mandatory in order to obtain optimum performance properly as and when required. We the precision tune is intended to serve your car with preventive and periodic maintenance to check and change, fill and fit, inspect, flush, and clean essential systems and components of your vehicle with precision tune certified technician.

Our Precision tune has everything which your car needs under one roof. So you can relax when your car is in for service with precision, maintenance or repair, knowing it’s in the safe hands of our professional certified technicians who work trained to diagnose and fix any issues with our advanced tools and technology.

What We’re Offering to Our Clients

Periodical Service inspection includes

  • Power steering fluid, Transmission Fluid, Engine Coolant fluid, Windshield fluid, Brake fluid.
  • Air conditioning, Heat, Fan speed, Defrost, Air inlet grilles, Recirculation, Climate control, Alternator, Hoses
  • Drive shaft seals or CV boots, Tie rod ends and boot, Exhaust pipes, Engine mountings, Gear box mountings, Suspension bushes, Brake lines/hoses.
  • Engine/transmission mounts, CV joints/boots, Axle’s differential, Drive shaft/universal joints.
  • Engine oil cap, Oil pressure switch, Valve cover gasket, Engine oil pan/Bolts, Transmission box pan/gasket, Transfer case box gasket, Power steering system, Wind shield fluid tank, Brake master cylinder, Differential box, Drain plug & washer.
  • Carpet / Floor Mats / Seat Covers, Headliner / Dash Pad, Interior Trim Panels, All Glass Surfaces, Trunk Compartment / Spare Cover, Instrument Panel / Cover / Pad, Storage Compartments / Ashtray, Remove Foreign Odors
  • Wash or wax, Reasonably Free of Dents, Remove Road Tar / Oil / Stains, Tires / Wheels Free of Dirt & Brake Dust, Recondition Surface Chips / Scratches, Headlights and directional lights intact and fully functional

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