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Automotive Service

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential for achieving peak performance and reliability. SUPERDOLL service is dedicated to providing your car with comprehensive preventive and periodic maintenance, including inspections, fluid changes, and component cleaning, all performed by our trainer and technicians. With advanced tools and technology, our professional teams are is trained to diagnose and fix any issues, ensuring your car is in safe hands.

Our service inspection covers everything your car needs, from checking and topping up fluids to inspecting the HVAC system, electrical system, under chassis, suspension, brakes, drivetrain, leakage, interior, and exterior. Trust us to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Automotive Excellence, SUPERDOLL

Your Premier Destination for Trailer Manufacturing and Automobile Products Distribution in East, Central, and Southern Africa. 

Home to Top Tyres brands & O.E.M vehicle spares,  Experience top-notch automotive service at our cutting-edge service centers.

Service Center (HQ)

Nyerere Road

14 Julius K. Nyerere Rd Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania Tel : +255 (0)687 478 060

Mwembe Chai Service Center

Morogoro Road

Mwembe Chai, Morogoro Rd, Dar-es-salaam Tel : +255 (0) 687 478 060

Kigamboni Service Center


Kibada Total Petrol Station, Dar-es-salaam Tel : +255 (0) 687 478 060

Arusha Service Center

Arusha Town

74E Clock Tower Area, Arusha Tel : +255-787 797 100

Mwanza Service Center

Mwanza Town

Kenyatta Road 33108 Mwanza Tel : +255 683 135 660

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